Kavita Dixit exhibits art in novel way at second studio exhibition

New Delhi [India]: A sight of coordinately hung and vibrant paintings and a series of well-lit, photographs on either side of the galleria enthralled every art enthusiast who visited the second studio show organised by Kavita Chopra Dixit.

Set up in an outdoor, indoor and an open to sky locale, the edifice had three forms of art exhibited under one roof: oil paintings by Kavita, photographs by Aryaman Dixit and folk art work created by Rama Ratan.

A full time graphic designer and portrait photographer by profession, Kavita has been practicing painting for the past five years and had organized her first show three years back.

In the multi-sensory exhibition, she showcased her pieces of art in three major categories in terms of subject, beginning with the figurative work, the series was called ‘O my God’. It had paintings of Jesus, one of Mary, Buddha, hanuman and one of an animated Banaras ghat.

There was a small collection of landscape and the largest one was the abstract work that had several beautiful paintings, giving a glimpse of Kavita’s lively way of perceiving life.

Talking about the exhibition and the concept behind it she said it is a new way of exhibiting art, seeing at the art and interacting with it.

“I feel such studio shows are very intimate and informal way of looking at art rather than a very formal situation of an art gallery. People tend to spend a lot of time here, look at paintings, pictures, hanging around, chatting with the artist, so that itself is a very new concept,” she said. (ANI)