Kavinder Gupta gave jolt to BJP-PDP alliance soon after joining the cabinet: Saifuddin Soz

Srinagar: Former union minister and senior Congress leader Prof Saifuddin Soz Union minister Saifuddin slammed Jammu & Kashmir new deputy chief minister Kovendra Gupta and said that this is very disappointing for PDP that its ally BJP does not have people with any political acumen and vision. He further said the future course for the coalition is going to be tougher which the PDP managers don’t appreciate, in full measure.

Soz claimed that RSS loyalist Deputy Chief Minister Kavinder Gupta’s statement on Kathua rape and murder of an eight-year-old girl has caused damage to the already fragile coalition government in Jammu and Kashmir. It must be noted that soon after taking oath of office yesterday Kavinder Gupta described the Kathua rape-murder as a small incident.

Prof. Soz added ”As for Kashmir, the potentially communal and sectarian statements from Bhagwat to Kavinder Gupta don’t matter a farthing for its (Kashmir’s) struggle is meant for a different goal. The most impartial political observers feel that neither the so-called Agenda of Alliance matters much before the people nor any attempt by the state government

Prof. Soz labelled the BJP-PDP alliance as sinking boat.