Kauravas were test-tube babies: Andhra University VC

Jalandhar: In an absurd statement, Vice-Chancellor of Andhra University has said that Kauravas were born through stem cell research and test-tube technology.

Speaking at Indian Science Congress on Friday here, Prof. G. Nageswara Rao, said the ancient Indian science was akin to the modern technology of stem cell research and test-tube birth.

“Everybody wonders and nobody believes how come Gandhari gave birth to 100 children (Kauravas). People ask is it humanly possible that a lady can give birth to 100 children in her lifetime. People believed that Kauravas were fictitious character. But now we believe it when we have test tube babies. And again Mahabharata says the same thing that 100 eggs are put into 100 earthen pots. It is like a test tube baby, stem cell research.”

“Stem cell research was done in this country thousands of years ago. Even today many people don’t understand what stem cell is, but thousands of years ago we had this technology. Because of this technology 100 Kauravas were born to one mother few thousand years ago,” he added.

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