KAU team to conduct studies on diabetes

Jeddah, July 31– A Saudi Diabetes Research Group (SDRG) from King Abdulaziz University (KAU) is conducting a field study on diabetes and economic status in Jeddah. The study aims to find ways and means to prevent the growth of the disease.

The team is headed by Suhad Ba Hajri, Biochemistry Professor at KAU, and comprises a number of doctors, specialists, higher education students and medical students of the university.

Ba Hajri said the SDRG was formed by local and international consultants. The group’s main message is finding solutions through individual and joint research to curb the growth of the disease, and to research medications for complications. “We seek to help curb the suffering and reduce the number of those who have the disease and the number of deaths in our society,” she said.

The current survey, she said, is being made on a random sample of Jeddah residents as part of a study on different types and spread of diseases, in addition to their relationship to lifestyle and food.
A total of 40 male and female university students are participating in the study. Body measurements are taken, including blood sugar levels.
The study involves geographic distribution of different types of diabetes in Jeddah, the rate of disease among males and females, age groups and different races, and the connection between geographic distribution and possible environmental risk factors.