Katy Perry buys fans beer at concert

Santa Barbara: Singer Katy Perry offered to buy a round of drinks for her fans at her concert over the weekend.

Perry wanted to make sure those who had turned up at the ‘Witness: Coming Home’ benefit show at the Santa Barbara Bowl had the best night of their lives over the weekend, reported Entertainment Tonight.

“Last night I was doing a show in Santa Barbara for the mudslide relief in Montecito, and there were a lot of guys who are there ’cause I think they want to be, but I know that they’re usually there to support their wives or girlfriends or kids’,” Perry said.

“I’m like, ‘You know what? I’m opening up the bar and buying everyone a beer!’ All the men – even my own sister’s husband – left and came back fisting. It was amazing,” she added.

Katy still hasn’t received the bill from the bar but she’s expecting it to be pricey.

“I think they’re still crunching the numbers,” she added.