Katrina denies split with Salman

Mumbai,May 29: As the news of her split with Salman Khan spreads like wild fire Katrina Kaif has gone into damage control mode. She has rubbished reports that Salman was throwing all her belongings from his Galaxy Apartments den.

Katrina said that she stays as an independent woman and there are no questions of any of her stuff lying with Salman and added that she had never even given a gift to Salman.

Buzz up!Katrina went on to say that her photograph is still hanging in the walls of Salman’s bedroom and there are no question of any trouble between them.

The couple went into loggerheads when Katrina started mingling with her New York co-star John Abraham. Salman on the other hand had found his muse in Claudia Ceisla and thus decided to call off his relationship with Katrina
Well it is very difficult to predict at this stage whether Salman and Katrina have really broken up or this is just another rumour in their long list of rumours they have had in their on and off relationship.

Katrina on her part should make up her mind and acknowledge her feeling for Salman in open if there are any.