Katrina advises Salman’s girl Claudia

Mumbai, June 10: Rumourmongers know how to turn a mole hill into a mountain. They linked Salman Khan [^] with German model Claudia Ciesla just because they were spotted together. Then the story of his breakup with Katrina Kaif [^] started spreading like wildfire. The fact is, Katrina must be having a good laugh over the whole episode, as she knows the truth.

Buzz up!
The story goes like this… Claudia Ciesla, met Salman through a common friend. Sources said that Salman then introduced her to his family and Katrina to make her feel at home in Mumbai.

Unlike the stories told by the media, Katrina and Claudia got along quite well. In fact, Katrina, who had a hard time at the initial stage of her career with no Godfather in Bollywood, gave a piece of her experience to Claudia. She advised her on how to go about to make a mark in Bollywood.

Katrina told her to get a Good [^] female manager like she did because she is an outsider in Bollywood. She also wished her all the best. Claudia is acting in the Indian film Karma – Crime, Passion and Reincarnation.

Well, Claudia must be wondering where all hell broke lose. In the meantime, it’s a blessing in disguise for her, as all she needs at this stage of her career is publicity!