Katju remark not opposed because he’s not a poor Muslim: Azam

Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh Minister Azam Khan on Sunday said that no one questioned former Supreme Court’s justice Markandey Katju’s remark that there’s is not harm in consuming beef “because he is not a poor Muslim”.

“Those who kill weak and punish innocent must question themselves as Justice Katju made the statement at a time when he was going to attend a seminar at the Benaras Hindu University,” Khan said in a statement issued here.

“None dared to oppose Justice Katju. This happened because a person talking about consuming cow meat and supporting it was not a poor Muslim,” he said. Taking a dig at those calling for prevention of cow slaughter, Khan said “it was their responsibility to see that from now onwards the price of beef is not written in the menu of any five-star hotel”. “We have demanded that the Centre frame a law and impose a ban on cow slaughter specially in Northeast states,” he sneered at.

“Not only dairy products, medicines, purses, belts and shoes should be taken off the market. Those who are not ready to remove these items must be considered guilty of cow slaughter and punished accordingly,” he said. Describing lynching of a man near Delhi over rumors that he had consumed beef as “politically motivated”, Katju had yesterday said cow was just another animal “which cannot be anyone’s mother”.

“Cow is just an animal and an animal cannot be anyone’s mother. If I like to eat beef then what’s harm in it. Even people worldwide consume beef. If I like to eat then who can stop me…” he had said during a function at BHU.

“Are those people across the world who eat beef are bad and only we (in the country) who don’t eat are saints and seers? What is the harm in it when people eat beef, I too eat and will even continue to eat further…” he had said.