Katie Price branded ‘disgrace’ after drunken sex pleas

London: Television personality Katie Price was branded an utter disgrace after she made explicit sexual propositions to a man in front of his girlfriend at a party.

Price hit the headlines last week over her antics at the event at Derby County Football Club’s Pride Park. The unsuspecting couple ended up on the brink of break-up because of the star’s lewd remarks and behaviour.

In an interview to Sunday People, Jessie Peirson shared how Price caused a rift between her and her boyfriend Liam Prior, with her rambling about her sex life, reports mirror.co.uk.

“The woman is an utter disgrace. She made really disgusting and explicit propositions to my boyfriend both on stage in front of all his colleagues and then after, knowing I was there,” Peirson said, adding that Price “knew he was with me because she had been over earlier in the night and seen us together”.

“She was completely out of control and she totally humiliated me. She goes on about being a strong independent woman and sticking up for the girls, but who would treat another woman like that? She just wouldn’t leave it. She kept saying she wanted it ‘up the ****’. It was disgusting,” she added.