Kathua Rape case: Defence leaves crime, questions foster-father about adoption in Islam!

NEW DELHI: The brutal Kathua rape incident of a minor girl that has shocked the whole nation has begun its trial and the prosecution is likely to present the biological father of the nomad girl who was hacked to death in January.

Though it is not clear if the prosecution will rely on him as a witness since he is among the 221 witnesses in the case when the defence’s claim has raised questions on girl’s foster father, ET reported.

Now the defence has sought to question the foster father’s testimony on his relation to the victim.

It was revealed in the cross-examination that he was indeed a foster father and not the biological father of the rape victim.

In his testimony, he said, that he had adopted her when she was only 6 months from her biological parents after he had reportedly lost his three children, including a seven-yearold daughter, in a 2002 accident.

What has raised questions in the testimony was the fact that neither of the biological parents approached the Police after the incident nor did anyone come to collect the girl’s body.

The foster father had told the court that despite he disclosed his relation with the girl to the Police, it was recorded in the Police complaint.

The prosecution will now produce the biological father of the victim, though his testimony will be of very little help, the prosecution will leave it up to the court to decide about his significance to the case.

While the Defence’s has claimed that the foster father has allegedly hidden this “crucial piece of information”.

However, the court observed that the facts of girls adoption have very little significance to the trial since it the trial was of gang rape and murder of the 8-year-old nomad girl.

Now the Defence wants to debate on facts of adoption and not the real crime in the trial.

During the cross-examination, the defence also steeped so low to question the foster father on Islamic principles over adoption.

Leaving the crucial matter of the gang rape and brutal murder crime which killed the 8-year-old girl, the Defence is busy in debating over the girl’s adoption process.

The defence also questioned the date of birth of the child to which the foster father replied he does not since she was adopted.