Katas Raj temple and its declining heritage in Pakistan

Karachi: Katas Raj, the most reverred temple for Hindus in Pakistan has gained attention of the mainstream media and Judiciary for its declining importance accorded by the Government authorities.

The Chief justice of Supreme court of Pakistan, Mian Saqib Nisar has criticised the Government of Punjab province for its negligence in safeguarding Katas raj temple.

According to the authorities and also the report submitted by the government, the aquifer feeding the pond at the temple complex is facing a drastic fall in the water level due to boring of tube wells by a cement factory.

The Chief justice said that the temple complex is not only a worship site for Hindus, but also a part of cultural and national heritage of Pakistan.

Consequently Chief Justice directed the Punjab government to establish a high-level committee to probe the matter and also issued a notice to the cement factory.

To recharge the aquifer it was suggested by Justice Nisar that “We have to find a solution as to how water can be provided. If we need to close down tube-wells or halt the water consumption of the factories, we will do it.”

According to Hindu mythological belief, the pond in the temple complex was created from the teardrops of Shiva, after he wandered the Earth inconsolable after the death of his wife Sati. Katas Raj temples are also known as ‘Qila katas.’ These are a group of temples connected to one another by walkways.