Kaspersky warns of online spam messages and cryptocurrency in 2017 report

New Delhi [India]: Spammers have now adopted a new method to target their potential victims to conduct some online phishing and spam-related activities.

According to the “Spam and Phishing 2017” report published by Kaspersky Lab, the spammers monitor the time when the people would be busy with certain global events and send them fraudulent messages with official logos of a particular on-going event including additional information about the organizers and sponsors to increase the credibility of the messages.

The messages would further notify the users about some fake lottery prizes and sometimes even promise them of free tickets to the event.

Another important topic of this report was the much prevalent Cryptocurrency as it recorded a massive growth in the block-chained themed tricks being used by the spammers.

The websites are often disguised as cryptocurrency exchange sites offering services including cloud mining.

Overall the average amount of online spam activities reduced to 56.63 % as compared to the previous year.

On the other hand, there was an increase in the phishing activities by 59% than in 2016.

Kaspersky advised the people to use reliable security solutions that are enabled to detect and block phishing activities. (ANI)