Kashmir’s situation deplorable, Human Right violation increased – Report

Kashmir: It is not possible to find a solution for Kashmir issue without withdrawing Army which is involved in Human Rights violation. The presence of Army is proving to be useless for resolving Kashmir issue. These thoughts were expressed by Mr. U. Samba Shiva Rao, President of Organization for Protection of Democratic Rights in a press conference held yesterday in Hyderabad. He mentioned the report of the fact finding committee which was presented in New Delhi on 15th November. The team visited J&K from 10th to 12the Novemebr and talked to various organizations including Human Rights organization. The only serious solution of Kashmir issue is withdrawal of the Army from Kashmir. The Hindutva forces are giving religious color to the movement of the Kashmiris to single them out.

He informed that 8-10 thousand Kashmiri youths are missing. There are no human rights values followed in the valley. The army does not hesitate to open fire on women, children and old persons. Women are being raped by the army. It has the power to do anything in the name of search. Kashmiris have no regard for the present Govt. If elections are held, no candidate will be able to save his deposit.

He mentioned that after the encounter of Burhan Wani, protest started. There is no Govt. functioning in the valley.

Govt. should follow the resolutions of UN to resolve this issue. He mentioned that the Muslims are allowing the Kashmiri Pandiths to keep their shops open in the valley. There are cordial relations between the Muslims and the Kashmiri Pandits.

–Siasat News