Kashmiri singer protests Rohingya genocide with his rap

Srinagar: Aamir Ame belonging to the valley knows what oppression is. Having lived in a brutal yet beautiful place like Kashmir, Aamir is a rapper, who is also known as Emcee Ame. He put the Rohingya genocide in his rap.

The 23-year-old Business student spoke out against Myanmar’s ferity through his music. The 3-minute-long track contains some dreadful images from Rakhine state.

Ame recounted how the track came about. “In my free time, I try my level best to interact with my listeners and collect ideas from them. I was following the same routine on social media when I found some heart-wrecking visuals of a Rohingya village,” he told the Catch.

One video, of men armed with axes, swords and guns torturing a small group of Rohingya women, left Aamir in tears. “People in the Rakhine state are being murdered so brutally and nobody is giving any help to them. I decided to do something for the people of Rohingya,” he said.

Comparing the misery of Rohingyas, Aamir recalls the hostility, Kashmiris face in the valley.
“When I posted a status for this song, my friend, a very talented lyricist named Sufi Auqib, called me and said, ‘It reminds of our own helplessness. Does it not?’,” he added.

“It’s quite obvious that we Kashmiris have been victimised by similar atrocities here too. We have witnessed the worst of situations in the past decade itself, and the way Rohingya Muslims are being violently abused is similar to how Kashmir is evaporating into clouds of smoke,” he reflects with sadness.

For now, the young rap artist is focusing on his music career with an album by the end of 2017, and an aim to start a record label with “Husteer”.
However, he wants to become a voice of the oppressed, “Me and my team are looking to team up with some NGOs to help them [the Rohingyas] through various means… and I will always give my voice to the voiceless,” he said.

Watch the video here: