Kashmir youth starts unique motor-themed cafe

Srinagar (Jammu and Kashmir): In times when terror grips the state of Jammu and Kashmir each day, a youngster named Imran Khan, who is now a proud owner of Kashmir’s first automobile-themed restaurant, is no less than an inspiration to others.

Khan’s Motor Cafe is a themed restaurant, based on automobile industry, for motor heads and gourmet fusion food lovers.

Speaking to ANI, Khan said that apart from the creative theme, the cafe also aims to offer people an escape from the tension in Kashmir.

“I thought the youth definitely needed a place to go where they can relax and feel away from the whole Kashmir situation for a while,” Khan said.

He has been successful in this endeavour too, as the locals, as well as the tourists, have responded warmly to this unique initiative.

The state saw another step toward positivity when a three-day Kashmir Women Conclave 2018 was held from May 9, to encourage budding women entrepreneurs.

There have been regular encounters between terrorists and security force in different parts of the state, which has considerably disrupted the daily life of residents. (ANI)