Kashmir Valley youth observe “Black Day” to mark tribal invasion

Srinagar: The Jammu and Kashmir Youth Development Forum (JKYDF) recently organised a day-long seminar on “Disturbance by Tribal Invasion in Kashmir” at Sher-i-Kashmir International Conference Centre in Srinagar.

The event was organised on 71st anniversary of tribal invasion on Jammu and Kashmir by tribals backed and supported by Pakistan.

People from all walks of life attended the seminar and the speakers reminded the people of the state that it was tribal invasion which created all problems for Kashmir and the people of both sides of J&K are paying for it till date.

Tribal invasion not only divided the state but laid foundation of sufferings and miseries for the people of both sides. Though separatists using to force people of Kashmir to observe Oct. 27 as `Black Day‘, a huge funding is being provided to pro-Pak elements by Pakistan azgencies to cover up the misdeeds of Pakistan through such propagandas.

The speakers highlighted the encouragement of fundamentalism and open support by Pakistan on terrorism in Kashmir from last 28 years and how tribal militia unleashed reign of terror and unprovoked aggression against people of Jammu and Kashmir violated state’s sovereignty.

Bilal Ahmad Parray, Chairman Bulbul Shah Society for Technical Education, said the “tribal invasion of Jammu and Kashmir on 22nd October 1947, actively supported by the Pakistan Army, brought in its wake horrifying stories of mass plunder, vandalism and rape. Thousands of men, women and children were mercilessly butchered in the name of jihad.”

He added, “Their sufferings of those dark days of 1947 have no parallel in the world history.”

Engineer Ghulam Hassan, Chairman HKMCC voted for taking an initiative which is the need of the hour in these tiring circumstances in the state. He said that by observing Black Day on October 22, we will pay homage to lakhs of people killed, maimed and looted in 1947 by the invaders. Innocent women who were robed, raped, kidnapped, and killed by the raiders in Pakistan occupied Kashmir.

He said, “During the past, Pakistan agencies used force and money for Kashmiris through separatists to observe Black Day on October 27th which coincides with the arrival of Indian army in Srinagar.”

Peer Mohammad Yousf, Chairman of JK Peace Forum, said, “Jammu and Kashmir state is the crown of India and a mosaic of plural identities, living in a spirit of peace and brotherhood. October 22 is a call to all peace loving citizens to rise and defeat the communal fundamentalism of Pakistan.” (ANI)