In Kashmir Valley, BJP flaunt a green hue instead of usual saffron

SRINAGAR: To woo the electorate for the general elections 2019, the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party in Kashmir, swaps the usual saffron colour for green hue.

Green colour is preferred by many Kashmiri because of its association with Islam and is also the colour of the Pakistani flag.

Also, many believe that the coulor was Prophet Mohammad’s (PBUH) favourite colour.

According to media reports, the party’s poll advertisement blitzkrieg in local newspapers using green hue for BJP flags as a medium rather than the party’s usual saffron.

BJP’s Khalid Jehangir, who is contesting the election from Srinagar constituency issued all-green advertisements using Urdu and English, to pushed his message.

The BJP acronym has been painted in green while the lotus, the electoral symbol of the ruling party, is painted in white. Apart from this, photo of PM Modi are also seen and a catchy slogan in Urdu has been asked to “Vote for BJP”.

“Green is one of the colours of our party flag as well. We have used green only because it symbolises peace and development,” Altaf Thakur, state BJP spokesman told The Telegraph. “It is also a sign of victory.”

National Conference leader Omar Abdullah hit out at the BJP. Taking to his twitter handle, the former Chief Minister wrote, ” More
The saffron of the BJP turns green when it reaches Kashmir. I’m not sure whether the party truly believes it can fool voters when it makes a fool of itself like this. Why can’t they show their true colours while campaigning in the valley? #Election2019.”