Kashmir unrest: Govt to adopt firmness and compassion

New Delhi: Government will use both firmness and compassion in dealing with the unrest in Kashmir even as it appears not averse to talks with separatists but not before violence comes to an end.

As Eid-ul Azha, slated for September 13, is approaching, the government expects the situation to improve as it has a feeling that people would like to celebrate the occasion, despite the strike call extended by separatists till September 16.

As the violence has still not abated, top government sources say that the state will assert itself against trouble makers while civilians will be treated with “compassion”.

In this regard, the government is willing to provide the best medical care even to those injured in clashes with security forces. It also refuses to buy the theory of victim hood by trouble makers who first instigate violence and then claim sufferings because of retaliatory action by the security forces.

The dual strategy appears to be the government’s approach amid demands for initiating a dialogue process with all stakeholders in the state.

On the external front, the government appears to be in no mood for a dialogue with Pakistan which, it is convinced, is “100 per cent” behind the current unrest in Kashmir and has taken a “complete U-turn” by injecting bitterness in the relations.

There is also no clarity on whether Prime Minister Narendra Modi will travel to Pakistan to attend the SAARC Summit in November, with the sources saying there is still time to decide on it. .