Kashmir: Tears of little Zohra have shaken many hearts

SRINAGAR: Heart wrenching images of little Zohra crying her heart out at her father’s wreath-laying ceremony has taken the internet by storm.

Zohra’s father, Assistant Sub-Inspector Abdul Rashid, a 55-year-old Kashmiri policeman, was shot by suspected militants while out on duty at Mehandi Kadal of Anantnag.

Deputy Inspector General (DIG) on behalf of J&K police penned a heartfelt letter to show support for five-year-old daughter of a slain Kashmiri cop through a Facebook post.

In the post, DIG wrote, “Your tears have shaken many hearts.The sacrifice made by your father will always be remembered. You are too young to understand as to why this happened…. Your father like all of us represented Jammu Kashmir police force- a hallmark of valour and sacrifice.”

“Every drop of your tear sears our heart,” reads the post on Facebook.

The viral image of the loving ‘daddy’s lil girl’ breaking down in tears took Twitter by a storm with one user lamenting, “She doesn’t deserve this pain.”