Kashmir: People switch to VPNs when there is a ban on social media sites

Srinagar: The ban on social media sites in Kashmir, including Facebook, Whatsapp and others has taken a u-turn, as people are switching to even more secure internet browsing technique, VPN.

The tech-savvy generation was using VPNs for the past few years, but after the ban has been placed, users of VPNs have increased, reported DC.

Browsing of the internet becomes more secure as no one can know which site is being surfed when done through VPN. They allow to bypass censorship and also keep all online activities confidential which in turn has made a mockery of the ban imposed.

VPNs can effectively unblock online television websites, easily access websites that are geographically restricted, independently secure all sensitive information and bypass a country’s web censorship.

A ban on Social media was imposed in the valley by the government for a month or till the further notice, to restrict the misuse of it.