Kashmir issue resolvable says Kasuri

New Delhi: Ex-foreign minister of Pakistan, Khurshid Mahmood Kasuri, on Wednesday said both India and Pakistan’s stand on the Kashmir issue is well stated and clear and the issue is ‘resolvable’.

” Jammu and Kashmir is an outstanding problem, let’s not shut our eyes, it remains an issue. But good news in my book is that it is resolvable. Despite all problems and contradictions, India’s position is very well stated. India says there will be no change in borders,” Kasuri said at the launch of his book titled ‘Neither a Hawk nor a Dove’.

“Pakistan’s position is equally well stated, we will never accept the status quo. I also made an attempt when I was the Foreign Minister,” he added.

He further said, “I will tell you why I used to meet Hurriyat leaders. I made a serious attempt to try and understand what they really wanted.”

“I knew that regardless of what Manmohan Singh or President Musharraf will do, if Hurriyat Conference completely rejected what we were doing, people of Pakistan will reject it, that is the reason why we needed to interact with them,” Kasuri explained.

“Did I succeed with everybody? No. It’s my regret that till last day I made an effort with SAS Geelani, I couldn’t convince him,” he added.

Kasuri asserted that cricket matches can act as a substitute for battlefields between India and Pakistan.

Kasuri had earlier stated that his book will facilitate the bringing of confidence in India and Pakistan that peace is possible between the two nations. (ANI)