Kashmir: Funerals of terrorists turning into Martyrs, security forces urge Government

Srinagar: Gun salutes by terrorists at funerals in Kashmir is becoming a great disgrace to the nation since no religion teaches inhumanity or killing of innocent lives along with turning these terrorists into martyrs.

The huge funerals being carried out in Kashmir is witnessing huge Gun Salutes and ever since the death of Burhan Wani- the Hizbul Mujahideen this grand gesture by terrorists has only increased, One Indi reported.

These funerals are now encouraging terrorists activities with many innocent people being brainwashed to join the terrorists group.

Now the security forces are urging the Government to stop handing over the dead bodies to the relatives of the dead terrorists since these funerals are witnessing grand gesture of Gun salutes by many terrorists.

The Home Ministry will leave the issue to Jammu and Kashmir Police since it is their job to hand over the dead bodies to the families of terrorists.

The police will likely treat this issue on a case to case basis. The police may also ask the families to keep the funeral private, on refusal of which the Police may bury the bodies at the encounter site.

These funerals are making terrorists a Martyr said the police which is further becoming an inspiration for others.