Kashmir: Family of girl detained with Major Gogoi in a hotel worry over controversy

New Delhi: Major Nitin Leetul Gogoi who had tied a civilian as a human shield to his jeep was recently detained in a hotel in Srinagar with a girl from Beerwah village who is a tenth class student.

The 19-year-old daughter of Ghulam Mohammed Wani and Nasima, is now caught in the controversy after she went to meet Major Nitin Gorgoi in Srinagar’s hotel located in the Dalgate area, India today reported.

“Since the controversy, she never came back home. We sent her to her paternal aunt’s house, away from the village,” Wani, 50-year-old daily wage earner says, worried over the controversies that had brought a bad name to the family.

Rumors always spread like fire in villages and with this controversy the girl will find a man to marry says a villager.

While the villagers treat Wani well, he fears for his daughter and his family’s life.

According to the sources the girl’s family lives in a two-room house and has no clue to how their daughter befriended Gogoi on facebook when the family had no internet connection as they barely made their ends meet.

Wani, has two sons, one daughter and a wife says he earns Rs 400 daily. He was given an amount of Rs 1.30 lakh by the National Conference leader Omar Abdullah to build a house but the money has not been credited in his bank account which Wani says he does not require.

“I do not want the money,” as any help from the political parties to provide aid puts people at further risk.

Though no case has been filed on Major Gogoi or the girl, J&K Police is yet to give a full report of the matter to the Indian Army.

“The meet was consensual. The court of inquiry will look into Major Gogoi not informing his superior and a more serious charge of deserting his post,” a high-level source said.