Kasganj violence: Hindu mob with guns caught firing on camera

Kasganj: A new video in which Hindu youths marching towards Muslim dominated area surfaced in Kasganj. The video is being keenly studied by the police to ascertain the accurate information.

In the Kasganj violence, one man was shot dead and two others were seriously injured.

According to the news reported in the Times of India, a senior IPS officer said that there were 50 youth who went on rampage and one was carrying pistol and others were holding sticks and clubs. Among them, one was holding Indian flag also. They were seen hurling stones on the Muslim dominated area and several shots were fired by the youth who participated in the tiranga yatra.

SHO Ripudaman Singh of City Kotwali, has filed an FIR and it says that “the youths (from the tiranga yatra) were challenging men from the other community after the latter stopped them from passing through their colony. “When police intervened to pacify them, they didn’t listen. Meanwhile, bullet shots were heard from the alleyway, after which the (yatra) group started pelting stones on people from the other community and both groups exchanged fire and even targeted policemen.”

Another Police source told that “A special investigation team is now looking into the 14-second clip to identify the men seen in it.”