Karyn Kusama feels Kidman is a daring artiste

Los Angeles: Actress Nicole Kidman picks projects with a sense of daring and curiosity, says director Karyn Kusama.

Kusama worked with Kidman on thriller “Destroyer”. The film follows the story of Erin Bell (Kidman) — a detective broken by her past and out for revenge — who was placed undercover with a gang in the California desert with tragic results.

“For me, it was mind blowing that an artiste of Nicole’s calibre would be interested in our movie — it is such a complete departure from the rest of the body of her work,” Kusama said in a statement to IANS.

“It showed such a sense of daring and curiosity, which is why she is, the artiste she is” she added.

According to Fred Berger, the producer of the film, Kidman is an actress who has never made safe or easy choices.

“Over the past few decades, she has delivered some of the best film performances, and more recently TV performances like her Emmy Award-winning work in the limited series ‘Big Little Lies’,” Berger said.

Talking about Kidman’s role, Kusama said: “Part of what fascinated me was that Nicole has never done this kind of role before. It felt so fresh and the idea that an actress with her range and depth was going to tackle all that animus and aggression really excited me.”

PVR Pictures is bringing the crime drama to India. It will release in India on January 25 next year.