‘Karunanidhi’- the voice of Tamil Nadu!

Nagapattinam: Thirukkuvalai-native village of former CM M Karunanidhi seems to have plunged into sorrow after his sudden demise and villagers turning up at his ancestral home.

The former CM was born on June 3 in 1924 in Thirukkuvalai were he has spent his childhood before he chose to walk the path of social justice which led him to become Tamil Nadu’s CM, Indian Express reported.

Karunanidhi was in his teens when he joined Periyar E V Ramasamy where he got the opportunity to voice social injustice in the region and with anti-caste vision, he soon became one of the influential speakers and with his Dravidian identity which privileged Tamil Language and Culture boldly rejected the Brahmin notions of caste divisions.

His ancestral house has huge collections of childhood pictures posing candidly around the house.

He has established two libraries in the house named after his parents — ‘Muthuvelar Noolagam’ and ‘Anjugam Padippagam’.

As the state’s CM, he ordered setting up of primary health care Centre in the village along with an Industrial training institute and transformed social relations in the region.

He was just a follower of Periyar and then with his radical views he went on to become thambi(younger brother) of C N Annadurai Paeriyar’s close aide and later moved ahead to become one of the most influential political faces of the movement against social injustice.

He led the DMK party for over 50 years as the party’s president and legislator for six decades, public speaker and a prolific writer of film scripts, novels, political articles.

His party was built on the legacy of the Justice Party, which could successfully introduce communal quotas in jobs in early 20th century.

Now the village’s pride ‘Karunanidhi’ is gone and they seem to have lost their identity.

Karunanidhi breathed his last at Kauvery Hospital in downtown Chennai at 6:10 pm on Tuesday after battling with ill health for 11 days.