Karuna Abhiyan: An Application developed to save birds lives

Ahmedabad: Bird lovers will be amazed with the app developed for protecting the injured birds. This app has been developed and improved by Ahmedabad university students for saving bird’s lives.

According the news reported in DNA India, the App has been named as ‘Karuna Abhiyan’. It has 1000 volunteers registered with it.

The app developed by Om Thakkar Thakkar developed along with his friends, Shivam Raval and Chintan Mehta.

The app developer Om Thakkar said that “Anyone wishing to help an injured bird needs to download the app and just upload a picture of the same. The app is designed in such a way that the moment a picture is downloaded, the name contact, locality along with a google map location of the injured bird will be sent to all volunteers.”

Om Thakkar further said that “The app is a work in progress and is an extension of a similar app we developed last year called, Save Lives. But that involved data of injured birds being uploaded via email that went to the forest department and the department uploading the information on a common WhatsApp group for volunteers.”