Karni Sena threatens to convert release date of Padmavati into Black day

Lucknow: The Rajput outfit Karni Sena which threatened to halt the screening of Padmavati has once again stood in news. The outfit had threatened that it will convert the release date of Padmavati movie into black day. Karni Sena had called for a pre-censor board to prevent any kind of distortion of historical facts in the films.

Lokendra Singh Kalvi, the Karni Sena founder, had said that Rajput community, under any circumstances, would not allow the screening of Padmavati movie.

Kalvi had further threatened that “We have reports that the movie may be released in February. We will not allow its screening. Its release date will be converted into a black day.”

He also said that “If need be we will take our agitation to Delhi.”

“It would be better if the reels of the movie were thrown into jawala of jauhar (a reference to suicide by Rani Padmini and other women by jumping into the pyres to avoid being captured by the Muslim invaders),” said the founder of Karni Sena.