Karnataka’s Dakshina Kannada on alert amid Nipah virus

Mangaluru: Amid reports of Nipah virus and COVID-19 cases in neighbouring Kerala, the Deputy Commissioner of Karnataka’s Dakshina Kannada district issued an advisory on Wednesday to prevent the spread of viruses in the district.

 According to the information shared by District Magistrate’s Office, Mangaluru, the advisory instructs the people of Dakshina Kannada to avoid travelling to Kerala till the end of October, except in emergency issues.

It further instructs the concerned educational heads of all the colleges, schools or other institutes not to call their staff and students to attend physical classes.

“Other industries should also continue work from home till the end of October in order to prevent the outbreak of the viruses in the district,” read the advisory.

On September 7, the Karnataka government also issued an advisory note to prevent the outbreak of the Nipah virus in the state.

 It instructs the district administrations to monitor the arrivals from Kerala for symptoms like fever, altered mental status, severe weakness, headache, respiratory distress, cough, vomiting, muscle pain, convulsion and diarrhoea.

 In addition, it also advises the authorities to spread public awareness in this regard and develop a systematic surveillance system to identify clusters of encephalitis cases for the early detection of Nipah outbreaks