Karnataka woman raped inside hostel, accused arrested

Mysuru: A 23-year-old was raped by a known person inside a ladies hostel in Mysuru, police said, adding that the accused has been arrested.

The incident took place on Friday and the accused is a driver of a religious study centre.

According to the police, the accused after seeing the girl all alone raped and injured her with a knife before escaping.

The incident came to light after her hostel mates returned, after which the victim was rushed to the hospital.

The police said that the victim and accused were known to each other.

Law and Order DCP Pradeep Gunti visited the crime scene and police officers collected CCTV footage from surrounding areas.

They also recorded statements by the victim’s friends and hostel mates.

Mysuru Commissioner Chandra Gupta said that the rape case was reported in the limits of Narasimharaja police station limits and confirmed that the accused was known to the victim.

The police said, the victim initially claimed that an unidentified youth barged into the hostel on the pretext of begging to have committed rape.

After being questioned she said the accused is a known person.

The investigation is on.

On August 24, another gang rape took place in the outskirts of Mysuru at the foothills of Chamundi hill near Lalitadripura locality.