Karnataka unveils website to flaunt achievements

Bengaluru: The Karnataka government on Tuesday launched a comprehensive web-based platform to showcase its performance and achievements to the people of the state and the country.

“Through the website – Pratibimba (Reflections), we will inform the citizens about the promises made and fulfilled during the past four years, performance of 27 key departments and achievements so far,” Chief Minister Siddaramaiah told reporters.

Also dubbed ‘Chief Minister’s Dash Board’, the bilingual (Kannada and English) portal – pratibimba.karnataka.gov.in – will also post updates on the various welfare schemes and programmes and development projects of the state government.

“The updates will be on monthly and quarterly basis with details of the flagship schemes and programmes offered and projects implemented or underway, funds allocated and spent, their outcomes and beneficiaries,” said Siddaramaiah.

The portal will also serve as an important tool to improve efficiency in governance and allow citizens to assess the performance of the departments across the state.

“Pratibimba will be a reflection of the state’s development and its growth story,” said the Chief Minister.

Pratibimba will be expanded and diversified to include district-level performance, integration of solutions on the dash board and feedback from citizens.

The website will enable departments to be transparent, accountable and efficient, allowing the government to fulfill its commitment to inclusive governance.