Karnataka polls: Know how ‘division of Muslim votes’ usually takes place during elections

Hyderabad: Assembly Elections in Karnataka have attracted the attention of the entire country. It has become a semi-final for the general election of 2019 for BJP and Congress. Although election surveys have predicted a hung assembly, no political party is prepared to accept these results.

One of the residents of the State, Mr. Farhan replying to the question, “Who do you think will win the elections in 2018 in Karnataka”, he told, “Without doubt BJP”.


Justifying his statement, Mr. Farhan said that BJP contest election after conducting a detailed survey.

Citing the example of Gujarat elections, he said that on 15 seats BJP won the elections with not more than 2000 votes. He gave the credit of BJP’s victory in the elections to the party’s political research.

Talking about the division of Muslim votes, he said that BJP promotes Muslim candidates to contest in Muslim concentration area to divide the vote. He also said that the party is using national media.

When asked if BJP wins, will it follow slogan “Sabka Sath Sabka Vikas”, he replied, “No party follows it”. He stressed on unity among the Muslim community.

It may be mentioned that polling is scheduled to be held on 12th May for 224 Assembly seats. The real contest is between BJP and Congress.