Karnataka: Food and Supplies Minister trolled by BJP for asking a ‘used Fortuner’

Karnataka: Food and Supplies Minister trolled by BJP for asking a ‘used Fortuner’

Bengaluru: ‘Born with a silver spoon’- this Karnataka’s Minister is caught in controversy for asking for a Toyota Fortuner SUV for his official use.

BJP party leaves no stone unturned when it comes to making a mountain of a molehill. The party criticized the Minister for his demand, PTI reported.

The Food and Civil Supplies Minister B Z Zameer Ahmad Khan was caught in controversy for asking a Toyota Fortuner SUV since he was sanctioned a Toyota Innova.

The minister who comes from a family of a businessman was condemned for making a statement: “I have been travelling in big cars since my childhood. I have been sanctioned an Innova. I don’t find it comfortable because I have always travelled in vehicles that are big (in height)….Innova is low level,” he told the reporters.

He also continued saying Innova was a “good car….better than Fortuner, especially for long journeys….only that I am accustomed to travelling in cars that are big (in height)”.

Now, nobody drew attention to this statement but had to make a fuss about him asking for a Fortuner.

When the minister got to know about how he is being trolled for asking one Fortuner, he responded by clarifying the details of his request. He said that he had sought the Fortuner used earlier by Siddaramaiah, since there were 2-3 SUVs still to be allotted and among those was the one used by the former chief minister.

The Congress leader only asked for a used Fortuner which was in a good condition used by Siddaramaiah.

“Is it a permanent car? These are all temporary. Even power is temporary,” he said.

Reacting to Khan’s request, BJP spokesperson S Prakash said: “He owns over 100 luxury buses. Kumaraswamy (chief minister) wants to implement austerity measures. Khan has to serve the people of Karnataka, a majority of whom are poor or middle class. The minister should reduce his luxury.”

While Congress MP Syed Naseer Hussain, defending Khan said there was nothing wrong in a minister requesting for a particular type of vehicle.

“You people (the media) highlight unimportant issues. What’s wrong in putting in a request? If a minister is uncomfortable in a car, why can’t he ask for another?” Congress MP Hussain responded.

When Khan was asked why is he seeking a Government vehicle when he could use one of his own cars like Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy who is using his personal Range Rover for official purposes, Khan replied he wants people to recognize him as a Minister know.

“Chief Minister Kumaraswamy…everyone knows him. He needs no introduction…He is so popular. I’m just a minister. I too have a wish. It is rare to get this opportunity.

“People have to recognise us as ministers. If I go by a normal car, will people recognise me? If I go by minister’s (government) car, they will say look the minister is going,” he replied.