Karnataka Elections: Galaxy of local, national leaders to participate

Karnataka Elections: Galaxy of local, national leaders to participate

Hyderabad: Assembly Elections in Karnataka have attracted the attention of the entire country. As the last citadel of the Congress in South India, it has become a semi-final for the general election of 2019 for BJP and Congress.

Polling is scheduled to be held on 12th May for 224 Assembly seats. The election campaign had reached its peak. The real contest is between BJP and Congress. BJP is making an attempt to assume power with the help of JD (S). Although election surveys have predicted a hung assembly, no political party is prepared to accept these results. JD (S) has intensified its election campaign seeking the support of BSP. This has enhanced the chances of a hung assembly. Today is the last day for withdrawal of nominations. PM Modi has started addressing BJP leaders and workers through NaMo App. He has targeted Congress and said that development will be the agenda in these elections. Although various BJP leaders are making an attempt to give it a communal colour, it is not working.

By involving CM of UP Mr. Yogi Adityanath, BJP is trying to muster the support of the Hindu voters. BJP President, Mr. Amit Shah has also visited Karnataka a number of times. It is also expected that leaders from Bihar, AP and Telangana may also participate in the election campaign. Karnataka is the first state of the country wherein leaders of other states are also participating in electioneering campaign. In addition to BJP, Congress and JD (S), other parties like BSP and JD (U) and AAP are also participating in Karnataka.

It may be mentioned that JD (S) is contesting on 35 seats. With the support of Ms. Mayawati, HD Kumara Swamy expects Dalit and Muslim votes. Mayawati has targeted both BJP and Congress and appealed to the people of Karnataka to vote in favour of JD (S) to enable it to form the government.

In the next week, two staunch opponents of Bihar will feature on the Karnataka stage. They are CM of Bihar, Mr. Nitesh Kumar and his former colleague, Mr. Tejaswi Yadav of JD (U).

It is also expected that CM of TS, Mr. KCR will participate in the rallies of JD (S). Mr. Pawan Kalyan, President of Jana Sena Party has also been invited to participate in the election campaign. It may be noted that there is a considerable population of Telugu speaking voters in eight districts of Karnataka. TDP has started a campaign against BJP which may help Congress. The social media and online activities of TDP are more organized than any other party. Congress has decided to float former minister and megastar Chiranjeevi to campaign in favour of the party. It believes that the opposition of TDP and Chiranjeevi’s campaign would be able to muster the support of the Telugu speaking population in its favour.

–Siasat News