Karnataka BJP leader asks workers to lie and bluff with the voters

Koppal: A senior BJP leader of Karnataka asked the party workers ‘never to hesitate from bluffing to voters to win political support’ in the state on December 4. K S Eshwarappa in a video could be seen asking to lie to voters.

“We need to tell people about all BJP’s accomplishments. In case you do not know, tell some lies or something. We are politicians, we should not say we don’t know when it comes to anything,” the former deputy chief minister said in a meeting at Koppal.

He further exemplified his speech with the macho image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and said it can be used to woo the public.

“You must say that Pakistan never dared attack India when Vajpayee was Prime Minister, but when Manmohan Singh became the PM Indian soldiers were attacked and killed by Pakistan’s army. You must say that when Modi became the PM he finished 10 soldiers in Pakistan. Even if you are unaware of these things, you know PM Modi’s machismo — we will see what happens later,” Eshwarappa said.

Eshwarappa in his defence said that his speech was delivered at an internal BJP meeting.

Slamming BJP, the Congress said that his statements explained party’s political strategy and culture.