Karnataka: Aged couple forced to stay at bus stop after daughter ousts them from residence

Hubli (Karnataka): An aged couple was allegedly forced to stay at Karnataka’s Hubli bus stop, after their daughter ousted them from her residence.

90-year-old Suryakant and 80-year-old Kamalma stayed in a corner of the Hubli bus stand for two days.

Seeing them narrating their story to the commuters, the state transport corporation officials and auto drivers enquired further.

The officials took them to a nearby old-age home. But since the couple did not have any identity card, they brought them back to the bus stop.

“I came here in the morning and saw them shivering in cold. On further enquiry, it was found that their daughter had thrown them out of the house. Some of the auto drivers took them to an old-age home, but due to unavailability of an identity card, they were brought here back,” said an official to ANI.

The couple hails from Lakshmeshwara and has a daughter. For a few days, the couple worked in a temple in Hubli.

They then went to stay with their daughter at her house. The daughter, after a few days, ousted them from her residence and they were forced to take shelter at the bus stand.