Karisma believes in inculcating right values in her children

Mumbai: Actress Karisma Kapoor says she believes in imparting good values to her children.

Karisma has two children- daughter Samaira and son Kiaan.

“I believe in inculcating the right values in my children. As a mother I do get worried about my children’s safety when they are out, because someone else might end up being careless. Since they are still very young, I make sure that they are under adult supervision while travelling,” Karisma told PTI.

Creating awareness about road safety is important and the 42-year-old actress thinks the road safety initiative will help in addressing this issue.

She was talking at the season three of USL – Diageo’s Road to Safety initiative.

“I’m glad that I can reach out in my own way to encourage the youth, encourage everyone around to please be responsible. Celebrities can play a huge role in bringing up these issues and make people talk and discuss about it. Road accidents, whether because of careless driving or drunk driving, happen all around us. It’s high time we address this and take responsibility,” Karisma said.

The “Raja Hindustani” actress thinks it is essential to educate youth and everyone on importance of road safety.

“Today we have the option of booking a cab through an app on our phones. We can also call a driver to take our car out. Ask a friend in your group to become the designated driver for the evening. There are so many options and no excuses! Always choose to ‘never drink and drive’,” she added.