Karimnagar will be renamed, If BJP wins in Telangana: Yogi Adityanath

Hyderabad: The Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has promised that his party will change the name of Karimnagar district to ‘Karipuram’ if it voted to power in the state.

Earlier while campaigning in Telangana for the December 7 assembly elections, he also said that if BJP comes to power it will rename Hyderabad to ‘Bhagyanagar’.

Addressing the rally, Adityanath alleged that the policy of appeasing people was responsible for terrorism and Naxal problems in the country, and asserted that only BJP could firmly deal with these issues.

While addressing a rally in Bhodan he said “MIM which wants to encroach in your Bodhan, they will all be seen running away and their whereabouts will not be known. BJP will smash their “Dangai mansube” (rowdy design) and will expose them.”

The 119-member Telangana Assembly will go to the polls on December 7 and the results will be announced on December 11.