Kareena likes to eat parathas, chatpata food

Mumbai: Actress Kareena Kapoor Khan who is expecting her first baby is not thinking about getting six pack abs and has not altered her food habits while she digs on paranthas.

“The meal time is amazing. I eat what I like, I like aloo and gobi paratha. I am not eating four parathas but I am eating one-and-half paratha with ghee. It’s a must for me to eat paratha. At this phase (of pregnancy) I am not thinking about getting six pack abs,” Kareena told PTI.

“But I am not overeating also. In pregnancy it doesn’t mean you indulge too much….I am not giving in to my cravings. On weekends I enjoy deserts,” she said.

The 35-year-old actress doesn’t like to have too many deserts. “I like chatpata food more, like chole-bhature, pizza, chinese. I have always liked these things to eat,” she added.

The “3 Idiots” actress has collaborated with celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar to share her food philosophy with her fans through a live chat on Facebook.

She spoke about secrets to her glowing skin, skinny waist and the challenges the working pregnant women face, and how food, exercise and the right attitude can help them.

“Rujuta always tells me don’t take this (pregnancy phase) to alter your food habits as there will be cravings. She said if I continue eating what I have been eating then I will not gain weight. I have not changed my pattern,” Kareena said.

The three series live chat show went live on Facebook today evening.

Kareena, who is not there on any social media platforms, likes to do things that work for good cause. She felt this was a great opportunity to interact with her fans.

Ask her if in today’s time being away from social media is a negative thing she shot back saying, “If I was on twitter or Facebook I would have given all my answers there and I wouldn’t get chance to meet journalists.

“The value of this Facebook chat wouldn’t have been more.

There is an excitement of meeting media and talking. There has to be some distance,” she added.