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Karan Johar: I can relate to characters in ‘Aligarh’

Karan Johar: I can relate to characters in ‘Aligarh’

Mumbai: Karan Johar relates to Hansal Mehra’s internationally acclaimed film ‘Aligarh’ and its characters.

“I related to the film, which means I related to each and every character. I was upset by the treatment meted out to the character by certain people, which means that it was performed efficiently,” said KJo after the film’s screening on Wednesday.

“More than having my sympathy, it had my thought engaged. It has made me think, it made me question, it’s aroused me in a certain way and I think that’s what films should do. It should make you get out of the cinema, think about it and have a strong opinion,” he added.

Based on a real-life story of Shrinivas Ramchandra Siras, a professor of Aligarh Muslim University, who was removed from his job for homosexuality, this movie speaks about love as a much painful and heartbreaking on.

Karan Johar, who recently topped the headline with his statement ‘speaking on personal life in India can land one in jail,’ feels the characters of the Hansal Mehta movie to be thought-provocative and says that it is important that filmmakers take up the responsibility to make such films which will not only move you and emotionally enrich you, but also make you think after you go home.

Some films such as ‘Fire’, ‘My brother.Nikhil’, ‘The Pink Mirros’, ‘Just Another Love Story’, ‘Memories in March,’ based on homosexuality, faced protests in the past with divided opinions in the country. (ANI)