Karan Johar apologises for hurting Assamese sentiments

New Delhi: Ace filmmaker Karan Johar issued an apology for hurting the sentiments of Assamese people after one of his ‘Toodles’ video from the sets of a talent show, with co-judge Kirron Kher, did not go down well with the people from the state.

In the video, KJo can be seen asking Kirron, a Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) Member of Parliament (MP) about the jappi (a traditional conical hat from Assam) that she is wearing. When quizzed, Kirron stated, “People from Arunachal Pradesh have brought it for me and they have got this for you. Why are you not wearing your hat?” Then Karan quipped, “Because you have guts, I don’t.”

Karan then told Kirron that she is looking like someone who is going break into a qawwali. “How can I break into a qawwali in a bamboo hat. What’s wrong with you? You don’t know the states of this country,” Kirron questioned.
A Twitter user questioned Karan’s motives for hurting the Assamese sentiments.

“Dear @karanjohar the Japi and Gamusa are signs of respect and love. When someone gifts you one, you don’t make fun of it, even if it does not go with fashion. Your video hurt the emotions of #Assamese people. Just informing, in case you didn’t know it already. @KirronKherBJP” tweeted the user.

“Dear @ColorsTV, when you provide such things to your judges, it would make sense to educate them about the importance of these objects, in case they don’t know. Signs of respect aren’t meant to be made fun of. This will be on, cos this was your set. @KirronKherBJP @karanjohar,” read another tweet.

Karan then issued an apology and also stated that he has taken down the post from his Instagram.
“You are absolutely right and I would like to apologise if I have hurt any sentiments…..it was purely unintentional and came from a place of no knowledge which is absolutely no excuse….am extremely sensitive to the different cultures of our land and I am very sorry… Also, have deleted the Insta post!” KJo tweeted.

Karan often shoots similar videos, featuring co-judges Malaika Arora Khan and Kirron Kher, who always has something witty to say about the filmmaker’s unconventional fashion choices.