Karachi shocker: Man arrested for driving pet lion through streets!

Lahore [Pakistan]: Having pets can be a source of refreshment, as many studies have revealed. That is probably what went through this man, who was seen flaunting his pet lion in Karachi’s Karimabad area.

In a bizarre incident that came to light via a video that went viral on social media on Wednesday, a man, identified as Saqlain, was seen travelling with his pet lion in a pickup truck, which ultimately led to them both being taken into police custody, according to Dawn.

In the video, curious locals were seen attempting to catch a glance of the big cat, who was comfortably hanging out over the side of the vehicle, with its tongue sticking out of its mouth.

As concerns were raised over the safety of the locals with a wild animal unleashed in a residential locality, Sindh Interior Minister Sohail Anwar Siyal immediately notified the police of the matter, who then took the man and the lion into custody.

Upon confrontation, Saqlain, who claimed to be the legal custodian of the animal, said his lion was unwell and was being taken to the doctor. The video, which clearly indicated the lion being seated at the back of the vehicle, was allegedly shot on their way back.

The police have registered an FIR against Saqlain and the documents are under verification. Senior Superintendent Police (SSP) Central Muqadas Haider told Dawn that the permit of ownership had expired. (ANI)