My Karachi incident shouldn’t effect Pakistani actors in India: Kabir Khan

New Delhi: Filmmaker Kabir Khan, who was insulted at theKarachi airport by a group of Pakistani men, hopes and prays that thisincident should not effect Pakistani actors working in India in anyway.

The ‘ Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ director in an exclusive conversation with ANIsaid, “As I said in my tweet, action of 7-8 lunatics screaming andshouting with their mobiles should not reflect their country and itshould not, in any way, effect Pakistan actors working in India as

that would be extremely unfortunate,” Kabir told ANI.

Emphasising on how important it is to have more of collaborations andco-productions between Indian and Pakistan, Kabir added, “We should bewelcoming talent from all over the globe. This is a sign of maturecountry and it enriches talent of our own country. The more the people

will meet, there will be more warmth and friendship. So, any suchKarachi episode should not allow change our perception about Pakistanor Pakistani actors.”

The director also said that people should not fall victims to politicshappening between the two countries because the situations will alwaysremain hostile.

On May 27, Kabir was on his way to the Karachi airport terminal, whena group of Pakistani men started saying ‘Shame, shame’ and went on tothe extent of threatening him with a shoe. Since then this issue hasbeen a hot topic amongst celebrities and politicians. (ANI)