‘Kapoor and Sons’ a surprise from Dharma Productions: Mahesh Bhatt

New Delhi : Director Mahesh Bhatt seems to be quite impressed with his daughter Alia Bhatt’s recent film, ‘Kapoor and Sons.’

While answering if the upcoming flick ‘Love Games’ will encourage people who are involved in activities like wife swapping to come out in the open, the director, using the plot of ‘Kapoor and Sons’ as a reference, said, “I don’t think people will come on front, but at least they will be comfortable and say, ‘Ha! Finally, there’s a director who shows things as they are’. I was just talking to somebody that could anyone imagine Dharma Productions, who is known to make family films, making a film like, ‘Kapoor and Sons’ which has a dope consuming grandfather who also watches porn, a father who has an extra marital affair and a son who is a gay,” Mahesh told ANI.

He added, “The film is a smash hit, why? That’s only because the Indian audience is changing. They want to see the reality that exists behind closed doors. It is fed up of being told what they are.”

The 67-year-old said that ‘Love Games’ is a reality that takes place mostly because of growing loneliness amongst people who are getting acquainted with relationships over social media but are unable to get satisfaction from their real and on-ground relationships.

‘ Love Games’ is directed by Vikram Bhatt. The film stars Patralekha of ‘Citylight’ fame, Gaurav Arora and Tara Alisha Berry.

It is slated to release on April 8. (ANI)