Kapil Sibal Challenges BJP Chief Amit Shah to a debate to Prove Gujarat’s credibility on development

 Vadodara: In the run up to the assembly elections to Gujarat, senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal on Friday targeted the ruling party BJP and challenged BJP Chief Amit Shah to join in a debate to to prove whether Gujarat ranks in any sector of development.
As per the news report of Indian Express, During the interaction with lawyers, intellectual and traders in Vadodara, Mr. Sibal said “I challenge Amit Shah to a debate to prove that Gujarat leads ranks in any sector.”Mr. Sibal also told that PM Modi can merely deliver hollow speeches with statistics that may or may not be true. He castigated the PM Modi-led central government on variegated issues such as demonetisation, GST, economy, development, and alleged misuse of investigative agencies to clamp down on opposition.
PM Modi is the first Prime Minister in the country who never held a press conference in his more than 3-year tenure since the last Lok Sabha elections held in 2014. This indicates that he lacks the ability to answer the questions raised to him. Talking of demonetisation, he said that it was akin to buying Rafales. “Most decisions taken by PM Modi are without thought; demonetisation, purchase of Rafales, GST,” Sibal remarked.
Mr. Sibal in reference to PM Modi’s vision for betterment of the nation, said that “He (PM Modi) has not spoken about his vision for India because he doesn’t know what his vision really is. Governance does not mean you reach France and place orders for Rafales across the table.”