Kanye West wants his music in ‘Deadpool’

Los Angeles: Rapper Kanye West says he would happily clear the rights for his songs for the “Deadpool” films.

On Tuesday, he declared his love for both the movies (“Deadpool” and “Deadpool 2”) on Twitter, reports ew.com.

“I love both ‘Deadpool’ movies… I heard tracks in it that sound similar to mine,” he wrote. “Bro I would have cleared my music for ‘Deadpool’.”

He went on to praise the filmmakers, saying “your guys’ writing and approach is so innovative. I love how you guys break the fourth wall”, before adding that he’s “down to clear” his music for the next movie.

Actor Ryan Reynolds, who plays Wade Wilson in the films, was quick to respond, and agreed that there were indeed some very suspicious similarities in the song choices and said he would take it up with the singer (Celine Dion) responsible.