Kanye West encourages African-Americans to end support for democrats

Washington: Turns out, Hollywood rapper Kanye West is more political in nature than his fans thought he would be, as he designed T-shirts that encouraged the African-American population to end their support for the Democrats.

He designed T-shirts that read ‘Blexit’ (Black + exit). In a leadership summit designated for the African-American community in Washington, his designs were showcased, reported Page Six. However, Kanye West didn’t turn up for the event.

Candace Owens, the director of the leadership summit, said that it is a renaissance in its own which was brought about by his “dear friend and fellow superhero Kanye West”.

Calling this as one “of the boldest steps in America”, she said that West’s initiative has opened an avenue for a conversation that everyone needs be involved in.

The clothes were part of a launch for Blexit.com, which contains testimonials from African Americans who have already left the Democratic Party.

In 2019, Owens said there will be a tour to major cities, which, according to her, were allegedly destroyed by the Democrats.

This initiative put forth by West comes after he visited US President Donald Trump at The White House to show his support, earlier this month.