‘Kanti Velugu’ covers over 1.55 Crore people

Hyderabad, March 12 (NSS): Eye Screening camps were conducted in 9,823 villages under the innovative and prestigious project launched by of the Telangana Government ‘Kanti Velugu’, till now. As many as 1.55 crore people have availed the facility in the camps.

According to official figures, out of those screened, reading glasses were given free of cost to nearly 23 lakh people, while another 18.10 lakh people were recommended for special spectacles, to be supplied in a routine course on a regular basis and free of cost. Another 9.29 lakh people were referred for surgeries and treatment.

The programme started on August 15 last year, has covered 9,823 villages and 892 wards in Municipalities in the State so far. The programme is continuing with the aim of covering all the population of the State.