Kansas shooting: JK Rowling trains guns on Trump, says “language has consequences”

New Delhi [India], Feb. 26 (ANI): JK Rowling has never been one to mince words, especially when it comes to Donald Trump, and with the Kansas shooting grabbing eyeballs across the globe with an Indian engineer shot to death by a white man which is being touted as a hate crime, the legendary author has once again lashed out at the United States President over the tragic development.

Retweeting a post by an Indian author Anand Giridhardas where he expressed shock at the murder of Srinivas Kuchibhotla, Rowling, maintaining her trademark candour said “Why hate speech isn’t funny. Language has consequences” and pointed to the thread of the former’s tweet, where he went on to explain how it greatly matters what politicians says.

In regard to the Kansas tragedy, Giridhardas drew parallels with a similar crime in Texas, where the shooter thought that he was targeting people of Middle Eastern nationality, and went on to slam the White House for denying and links between the shooting and President Trump’s rhetoric on immigrants.

“President Trump’s administration has quickly leapt to say his talk and actions have nothing to do with this crime. I would like to explain why the president is dead wrong on this one. He has everything to do with this, and I can explain,” Giridharadas said in a series of tweets and went on illuminate the impact of Trump’s words on masses.

Earlier, White House spokesman Sean Spicer said that any loss of life is tragic but it would be absurd to link the attack to President Donald Trump’s rhetoric.

Spicer today told reporters it was too early to guess at the motive for the incident.

The shooting has prompted concern that Trump’s “America First” stance on immigration and jobs has fueled a climate of intolerance. (ANI)