Kanpur: Registry of 63 houses of Muslims cancelled declaring them ‘enemy property’

Kanpur: Residents of Basheer Bagh, Roushan Nagar have claimed that the decision to cancel registries of Shahid Haleem’s properties located in various areas of the city by declaring them ‘enemy property’ is unconstitutional. They argue that Shahid Haleem, the owner of the properties, had settled in England which is not an enemy country.

The registration of 63 houses located in Basheer Bagh, Roushan Nagar had been cancelled on August 11, 2017. The plea to cancel the order submitted in Nagar Nigam on September 26, 2018, was also dismissed. The property has been handed over to the district magistrate.

When the residents learnt about the report on Thursday they became anxious. Many of them have owned and constructed the houses with their hard earned money. Cancellation of their registry is a no less than a catastrophe for them.

According to the new Act, ‘enemy property’ refers to any property belonging to, held or managed on behalf of an enemy, an enemy subject or an enemy firm.